Towed Howitzer (155mm) M198
Towed Howitzer (155mm) M198

Provide destructive, suppressive and protective indirect and direct field artillery fires in support of combined arms operations.

Entered Army Service

Description and Specifications
The M198 155mm towed howitzer is a medium artillery system that provides direct support fires on an interim basis to the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams and direct general support fires to light and special purpose forces (Airborne and Air Assault). As the successor to the older M114A1 155mm towed system fielded in World War II, the M198 provides significant improvements in lethality, range, reliability, availability, emplacement and movement. Normally towed by a 5-ton truck, the M198 system can also be dropped by parachute or transported by a CH47 Chinook helicopter or C130 aircraft.

The carriage of the M198 has a retractable suspension system and a top carriage which can be rotated 180 degrees to decrease overall length for shipment or storage. The fire control equipment may be used by one or two crewman for direct or indirect fire. The gunner on the left side controls left and right (traversing) settings and the assistant gunner on the right side controls up and down (elevation) settings.

Length: 40.7 feet (in tow); 36.2 feet (firing)
  Width: 9.2 feet (in tow)
Height: 9.5 feet (in tow)
Weight: 16,000 lbs
  Crew: 10
  Range: 22,400 m standard
30,000 m rocket-assisted
  Max rate of fire: 4 rounds per minute for first 2minutes
  Sustained rate of fire: 2 rounds per minute
  Ammunition: The M198 will fire all current 155mm NATO-standard ammunition, to include high explosive (HE), smoke (HC, WP), dual purpose improved conventional munitions (DPICM), family of scatterable mines (FASCAM), cannon launched guided projectiles (Copperhead), and illumination. The HE round weighs 95 pounds.

Rock Island Arsenal

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