M252 Mortar
M252 Mortar

Provide long-range indirect fire support to light infantry, air assault, and airborne units across the entire battalion front with sufficient range to engage targets out to the limit of the battalion zone of influence.

Entered Army Service

Description and Specifications
The M252 81mm mortar is a crew-served, medium weight mortar which is highly accurate and provides for a greater range and lethality than the previous 81mm mortar. The M252 system consists of the M253 Cannon (tube), M177 Mortar Mount, M3A1 Baseplate, and M64A1 Sight Unit.

Cannon length: 50 in (1.27 m)
Maximum range: 5,935 m
Minimum range: 83 m
Weight: 91 lbs
Rate of fire:

(dependent on ammunition round fired)
Max -- 25-30 per minute for 2 minutes
Sustained -- 8 to 16 per minute

Ammunition A variety of NATO-standard ammunition, including high-explosive, red phosphorous/smoke, and illumination
Crew: 3



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